Fasset partners with the JazzCash program to educate one million young people


In the framework of the Pakistan Prime Minister’s Youth Programme (PMYP), Fasset collaborates with the PM’s office to educate 1 million young people about blockchain, web3, and cryptography-based technologies. The partnership will work on the Skills for Future Agency initiative, giving the general public an essential education, in collaboration with JazzCash, the largest telecom company in the nation with more than 75 million customers.

Shaza Khwaja, the special assistant to the Pakistani prime minister for youth affairs, said: « For years, the Pakistani government has worked tirelessly to develop the skills of youth across the nation, but I believe that the private sector offers significant opportunities for youth when it comes to preparing for the future. The Prime Minister intends to focus on areas with significant economic influence, such as future-focused digital skills. This is the cornerstone of PMYP’s partnership with Fasset. I’m hoping that our young people would take advantage of this opportunity to learn from experienced professionals in the field and about available opportunities.

Pakistan was one of the world’s first three countries to adopt the Web 3. In addition to this, Pakistan is home to some of the best and brightest scientists, researchers, and developers working in the fields of tokenization, digital assets, and blockchain technology. Along with PMYP, Fasset hopes to educate and inform the next generation of web3 users on the creation and adoption of safe, responsible, and innovative practices for the future of this revolutionary arena. We believe that with the right fundamentals, Pakistan’s talented youth can unlock a potential 100 billion dollar economic growth. PDG Fasset’s Mohammad Raafi Hossain

According to Murtaza Ali, PDG of JazzCash, « This partnership will improve financial literacy by attracting millions of young people from underserved areas via digital tools. » JazzCash is pleased to serve as the financial facilitator for all transactions to be completed for the program’s future phases. We are very interested in forming partnerships with organizations that hold similar beliefs in order to advance our vision of a financially inclusive Pakistan.

The State of Central Asia’s Vision 2025 aims to increase the country’s population count for its 63% young people between the ages of 15 and 33. The primary program for young people’s skill development is the PMYP.

For the purpose of developing young people’s skills, two key areas—skills for the future and skills for everyone—will be covered.

The two organizations will collaborate to develop a training program for web3 and blockchain technologies. The curriculum will also cover the technical skills that young people will need to develop a career in this field, with a focus on expanding Pakistan’s already-large pool of Web3 developers who are among the best in the world.

Fasset will work on developing a line of financial literacy for young people, especially women and vulnerable communities, to help them advance their careers. This will encourage them to invest and help them start generating passive income. The participants in this training have the opportunity to earn credentials that will help them land jobs in relevant fields.

There will be a national award for innovation in Web3, Blockchain, and related emerging technologies. Both parties will be involved in organizing the prize.

This partnership aims to improve financial literacy in underserved areas by focusing on Pakistani expatriates around the world and the country’s millions of young people. In this arrangement, JazzCash will act as the financial facilitator for all transactions that need to be made in order to carry out the program’s future phases. At stakeholder meetings, JazzCash has also demonstrated a keen interest in forming partnerships with businesses that share its goals in order to advance its goal of a financially inclusive Pakistan.

One of the largest communities of pigists in the world, including some of the best web3 developers, call Pakistan home. According to PMYP leadership, Fasset believes that equipping young Pakistanis with some of the most in-demand skills will stimulate the pigist economy.

Over the course of a year, the partnership will have an impact on about a million young people, opening up opportunities for learning and employment that will have a significant economic impact.