SMART OFFICE New developments announced by Huawei


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The Super Device system will be implemented across all of Huawei Consumer Business’s PCs, the company announced. Super Device is a technology that enables unprecedented levels of connectivity and collaboration amongst various Huawei compatible devices.

This software feature is the result of many efforts Huawei approved in order to provide consistently smarter and significantly more effective features. Through five key scenarios—health and physical fitness, easy travel, intelligent offices, entertainment, and smart homes—Huawei hopes to improve the lives of millions of users throughout the world.

The connection between Huawei’s PCs, smartphones, tablets, screens, and intelligent televisions is established automatically thanks to the Super Device interface. This will enable you to send a file from your smartphone to your Huawei PC using a straightforward glisser-déposer. A simple click on your PC’s control panel will launch the Super Device coupling process.

This breakthrough, which draws on the most recent developments in artificial intelligence, is the result of work done together by Huawei teams with the single goal of bettering the lives of millions of users worldwide.

She fits in with Huawei’s overall strategy, which puts the customer at the center of all activities in order to better meet their needs for product, cloud service, sales channel, and customer service innovation.

Super Device’s system, for increased productivity and speed

In reality, users of Huawei are able to connect several devices to one another via the Super Device system, providing a seamless integration with Huawei smartphones and quick access to the photographs and files stored on those devices. As a result, the user can send a file from their smartphone to their Huawei portable computer with simply press to copy then paste.

In addition, the brand-new feature Super Device Smart Office offers the Pop-Up Pairing feature, enabling quick connections between Huawei portable computers and Bluetooth speakers, printers, sourse, Bluetooth keyboards, and wireless earbuds, thereby enhancing user experience across the board. Users also have the option of connecting a Huawei PC to a Huawei MateView display to take advantage of a larger display, allowing them to view their creative work with new levels of detail and precision.

Once connected, your smartphone will function as an external hard drive for your computer. This will grant you access to all of the files on your smartphone instead of any other external storage device.

Additionally, Super Device enables you to display the whole interface of your smartphone on the screen of your PC. Up to three mobile applications can be opened directly on your PC thanks to multi-screen cooperation for a first-class multi-tasking experience. The users will also be able to easily access the material stored on their phone through their PC by using the slide-deposit function. Additionally, you can directly edit smartphone files on your MateBook X pro HUAWEI computer.

Your PC recognizes your tablet, just like it does your smartphone, as an external drive, allowing you to freely transfer and manage your files between the two devices using the « slide-deposit » or « copy-coller » functions.

The super device PC + tablet has three connection modes that it can manage, each of which can handle a variety of usage scenarios.

The tablet’s display mirrors the PC’s screen when in this mode. All content created on the Huawei MatePad tablet with the Huawei M-Pencil appears in real time on the computer; this useful feature allows users to make the most of professional design software. The PC’s screen is extended to the tablet when in the Extend mode. This setting effectively turns your tablet into an external PC monitor, increasing productivity by giving it a larger, more expansive display area. The tablet’s files can be managed directly from the PC in collaborative mode.

Users have the option to connect a Huawei PC to a Huawei MateView screen in order to benefit from a larger display. The HUAWEI MateView features a 4K+ resolution and a color gamut that is cinema P3 calibrated, enabling users to view their creative work with a high level of detail and precision.

Super Device gives users the option to take advantage of the Seamless AI Life experience and gain access to first-class productivity that combines comfort and pleasure. As long as users update their PC Huawei and download the most recent version of PC Manager, the Super Device system is now also applicable to earlier models of Huawei computers.

The Huawei MateBook X Pro is perfectly suited for the Super Device.

The Huawei MateBook X Pro portable computer is perfectly suited to the Super Device operating system for seamless multi-device collaboration. Users can collaborate with one another and easily connect to nearby Huawei devices thanks to this feature. It is sufficient to place the Huawei FreeBuds, keyboards, loudspeakers, printers, and so on close to the Huawei MateBook X Pro for the portable computer to recognize them automatically and display an invitation for a quick and simple coupling. Other than the Huawei MateBook X Pro, recent innovative products from Huawei like the smartphones Huawei P50 Pocket and P50 Pro or even the tablet Huawei MatePad 11 are also perfectly suited to the functionality Super Device.

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